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Examining The Atlantic and The New Republic Redesigns

Date: March 12, 2013 Categories: Consumer, Darhil Crooks, Design and Production, Dirk Barnett, Robert Newman, The Atlantic, The New Republic Comments: Comments Off Share:

Extending a design across platforms.

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Are You a Cover Junkie?

Date: January 31, 2013 Categories: Consumer,, Design and Production, Jaap Biemans, Robert Newman Comments: Comments Off Share:

A Q&A with's founder Jaap Biemans.

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A Look at the Design and Influences on Fairchild’s New M Cover

Date: September 27, 2012 Categories: conde nast, Consumer, Design and Production, Fairchild, M, Robert Newman Comments: Comments Off Share:

There’s a lot going on here to distinguish the title.

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George Lois Featured in Fast Company App

Date: September 12, 2012 Categories: Consumer, Design and Production, esquire, Fast Company, George Lois, Robert Newman Comments: Comments Off Share:

Annual design issue shows image of Lois holding his first Esquire cover.

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